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February 18 2016
DataLife Engine v.11.0 Press ReleaseDear friends,

The main development stage of version 11.0 is completed. This version is now on testing and preparation stages but for now we suggest that you read the information about some new features of the upcoming version. This release includes entirely new demo templates, new types of extra fields for articles which greatly simplifies the addition of articles. There’s a new feature that allows to show comments depending on various criteria, TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor is improved, and many more. Now let’s have a closer look on all the new features of a new version...
DataLife Engine v.10.6 Press Release
Dear friends,

The main development stage of the version 10.6 is complete. The version is in pre-release testings and preparations, but for now, we suggest you to read about the features that are expected in a new version. This release contains new layout and template design capabilities, more features for the news posting , the support of UTF-8 four bytes encoding in addition to the common UTF-8, a new server software support, and many other things, but let’s get in more details ...
DataLife Engine v.10.5 Press Release
Dear friends,

Completed the main phase of the development version 10.5, release is on testing and pre-release preparation, but for now we offer you to familiarize with the information about what awaits you with the new version. This version has tree-like comments, revised BBCODES editor for Administration Panel, a lot of new teplate features and tags, new anti-spam system for comments using "Yandex Clean Web" technology and more. Now let us consider everything in detail ...


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