Technical support for the engine

Dear users,

Technical support for the engine is available only to users who have a license that includes technical support. Users who have Basic License may purchase the subscription to the technical support service separately.The cost of this service is $20.Technical support works during the active period of the license.

Technical support service includes:

1. If you purchase a subscription to the technical support, you get the opportunity to obtain a priority response to questions you may have, whether it's about the script settings, or about errors, i.e. questions asked by first time users who faced with the engine and do not know all the details. The sphere of the technical support is only the direct help with solving the engine disrupt. If the reason of the engine failure is your template which does not meet the requirements of the engine, your own modifications, or third-party modules, then the support may be denied.

2. Also, you get a one-time engine installation on your server. (sometimes User-Friendly URL must be correctly disabled or specific commands for Russian Apache must be enabled for the correct image uploading using the script, etc...)

3. You will receive consultancy support on working with the structure of the engine. For example, you want to make small changes to the script for more convenient work.You can save time on finding the correct piece of code by just asking us. You will be given advice where and in what file the needed piece of code is located. (Please note that we do not write additional modules for you, and we do not give any ready-made code modifications, but we only help you to understand the structure of the engine better, so ask related question splease. Questions like: "How to do this stuff?" may be ignored by customer support)

4. Another common problem is the possible incorrect engine updating.For example, the server has failed during the update process, the part of the newdata was added to the database and settings, and the another part was not. Eventually you get a non-working engine with all the consequences. In this case, you will get a manual correction of the damaged database structure.

5. Detection and diagnosis of problems are directly related to the execution of the engine script. Technical Support will help you identify the reasons of any malfunction of the standard functions and features of the engine. Note that technical support diagnoses the reason of the problem and fixes it only if the problem is related to the DataLife Engine script. If the reason of the problem is in the settings of your server or the server configuration, then you need to contact your hosting provider to change your server settings. We do not change your server settings and do not configure it.

Any other questions that are not described in these paragraphs are not in the sphere of the DLE technical support, and these questions are not answered by the DLE technical support. For example, questions on the followihg subjects are remain unanswered: „Why do my template layoutis falling apart?“ „Where did I make a mistake in the template layout?“ „How to integrate a third-party JS script in my template?“, etc. We do not make customized templates, and are not searching for mistakes in the layout of your template. Technical Support provides assistance only for questions directly related to DLE PHP script, its standard features and options. Also, if you are not a technical support subscriber, your questions can be ignored and unanswered.