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June 05 2021

DataLife Engine v.14.3 Press Release

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Dear friends,

The main stage of version 14.3 development is completed, while the new version has been on the testing and pre-release preparation stages, we would like to inform you what to expect.

Following changes have been developed and added:

1. The DataLife Engine installer has been completely redesigned. It is made simpler and more versatile. When installing, you can now choose which language the installation will take place in, as well as which language will be the main language for the site. Depending on the selected language, the corresponding templates will be installed, in the selected language, and the corresponding entries will be made in the database. The entire installation also takes place using AJAX technology in fully automatic mode.

2. For language packs located in the /language / folder, the ability to specify additional information about the language has been added, which can later be used when displaying a list of languages. For example, the output of the name in the national language, for a more convenient perception of the desired language by a person. Not just the name of the folder where the language pack is located.

3. For templates located in the /templates / folder, the ability to specify additional information about the template has been added, which can later be used when displaying a list of templates. For example, the output of the template name, in the list of templates on the site, for a more convenient perception of the desired template name. And not just the name of the folder where the template is located.

4. Added Ukrainian localization of the Datalife Engine script. The Ukrainian language is now also included in the standard distribution, and will be supported in the future when updating.

5. Added the ability to change the language of the DataLife Engine control panel on the fly, being on any page in the control panel, without the need to log out, and re-enter the control panel. The user of the admin panel can choose any of the languages available in the system.

6. Added the ability to set the order of categories for publications, if the news is allowed to add a publication to several categories. The order of the categories will be set in the order in which they were selected by the user when adding or editing the publication, and not in the order in which they are sorted in the admin panel. For example, if the first category in the list is "In the World", and the second is "Sports", and the user first selected "Sports" and only then "In the world", then their sorting and output from the news will also be observed in this order.

7. Added the ability to view a thumbnail image inserted in a comment immediately after adding a comment, without having to reload the page. If a comment was added that contains a smaller copy of the original image, then viewing the enlarged copy will be available by clicking, immediately after the comment appears on the page.

8. Added the ability to view the original image from a smaller copy of the images for comments, if AJAX navigation or dynamic loading of comments is enabled on the site.

9. Added support for sending the Last-Modified HTTP header for all pages of the site that display short publications, not just full news as previously. In this case, the date of addition or editing is recorded for all publications placed on the page, and the correct date of the last added or edited publication on the page is given.

10. For all pages of the site that display short publications, added support for the return of the HTTP header "304 Not Modified", in case of sending a corresponding request from search engines to the server. This takes into account the dates of adding or editing all publications published on the page, both using the {content} tag and the {custom} tags. This will reduce the consumption of traffic on the server, and significantly speed up the indexing and reindexing of the site by search engines.

11. Added support for displaying advertising materials that are set in the ad management section in the admin panel for templates and publications that are output using the custom output tag {custom ...}. Now you can use the banner tags set in the admin panel in the templates that you assign when displaying publications.

12. For custom output of publications {custom ...} added support for the new banners="yes" parameter, which enables or disables the output of advertising materials that are assigned for output between publications. This parameter can take two values: "yes" to enable output, and "no" to disable output. By default, if this parameter is not included in tags, the display of advertising materials between publications will be disabled.

13. The logic and principles of creating a description meta tag for site pages that displaying short publications have been completely redesigned. Now the description specified in the script settings is used only for the main page of your site, and the description specified in the category parameters is used only for the first page of the category, for all other pages, this meta tag is generated automatically, based on the content of publications that are displayed on this page. Thus, all pages have their own unique description meta tag, which will positively affect the SEO optimization of your site.

14 For the Memcache caching system, a new system for finding keys stored in the cache has been added, which leads to more correct clearing of cache elements and updating the content on the page. This is especially true for loaded projects

 15. In the script settings, you can now choose how the form of responses to comments should be displayed, if support for tree comments is enabled. There are three options to choose from: "After comment without editor", "After comment with editor", "In pop-up window".

16. The module "Share interesting materials" has been fully integrated into the DataLife Engine language system and uses language script files to generate information. Thus, when using other languages, switching will be automatic and does not require editing files. Also in this module, checksums are checked for changes to the content, and if it is changed, the text will not be highlighted if the checksum does not match, so that the text that the site user shared with is not highlighted.

17. Updated to the current version of the system for highlighting the source code published in the [cоde] tags ... [/cоde] up to date. In addition, it has been significantly redesigned for better and better automatic recognition of the language of the published code. And also added support for a large number of languages, and various configurations. Now high-quality highlighting is provided not only for HTML or JS, but also for other languages and codes.

18. Redesigned and improved the system for displaying the addition of publications to bookmarks and deleting them, as well as displaying information about whether the news is in bookmarks or not. Now, regardless of whether caching is enabled or disabled on the site, a site visitor will always see up-to-date information when viewing short news, whether his publication is in bookmarks or not, even if caching is enabled. At the same time, the caching functions are not lost in any way and are used.

19. For typographic text processing in editors, the ability to exclude the processing of published content in the BB tags of the source code [cоde] has been added ... [/cоde], as well as in the corresponding HTML tags that are used to publish the source code.

 20. The TinyMCE editor has been updated to the current 5.7.x line, and it has also been significantly redesigned for a more comfortable experience. This editor was assigned by default when installing DataLife Engine on the server.

21. For the TinyMCE editor, the ability to upload images to the server is added by simply transferring image files using the "Drag and Drop" method to the editor, as well as uploading images to the server from the browser's clipboard.

22. For the editor TinyMCE added protection against possible accidental data loss when writing publications. For example, if when writing a post and not saving it, you accidentally click on a link that leads to the user leaving the page, then you will receive a warning that the data may be lost and you will need to additionally confirm the action. Also, if the browser freezes or the user leaves the page anyway, the editor can restore the last content saved in the local storage. Auto-save occurs every 20 seconds, and the data for recovery is stored for 10 minutes.

 23. Added the ability to edit uploaded or inserted images for the TinyMCE editor. The editing functions contain features such as resizing, changing orientation, mirroring, changing brightness and contrast, etc. The modified image in the editor will be automatically uploaded to the server.

24. For the TinyMCE editor, the ability to control the visual design of the editor's content through templates, when writing a post or comments, has been added. To do this, just place the editor.css file with the design styles you need in the root of your template. This innovation will be useful to ensure that the text that users write is as close as possible to the design of the content that is used in the template. The placement of this file in the template is optional, if it is not available, the standard content design will be used.

25. For the editors TinyMCE and Froala, used on the site for comments, the system for quoting the text of other users comments highlighted on the site has been redesigned and improved. Visual quotes are now used instead of BBCODES tags, and line breaks are added if they are present in the selected text.

26. Changes have been made to the system for uploading images to the server using the DataLife Engine. If the name does not contain a temporary download prefix, it will be added to the name, and if the name already contains this prefix, it will not be added additionally. Temporary prefixes are added to the name to avoid duplicating the names of uploaded files to the server, and thus protect other images that were previously uploaded with the same name to the server from being overwritten. This innovation will be useful in the case of copying images from other sites to DLE or using a similar name tagging system, as it allows you to avoid multiple duplication of the prefix in the image name when copying.

27. For static page templates (static.tpl), support for new tags has been added: {full-link} which outputs the URL for this static page, and {print-link} which outputs the URL of the printable version for this page. These tags will be useful when you need your own design for links on a page, or their special output, for example, for displaying a QR code for mobile devices, etc.

28. Significantly improved the work of the crown on the site. If the crown needs to perform any heavy operations, such as multiple deletion of a large number of users, and the server resources do not allow you to perform everything at once, according to some limits, then the crown will be performed every two minutes until all the necessary actions are performed.

29. Redesigned and improved the AJAX system for adding comments on the site. If the script settings include the merging of comments on the site, and the user adds another comment in addition to his own, then the page will be updated and supplemented with the text of his previous comment. And if the association is disabled, its additional comments will be added sequentially one after another and will all be visible immediately without reloading the page.

30. Significantly redesigned and improved the AJAX response system for comments if tree comments are enabled. The changes have improved the positioning of the added responses, as well as the formation of the DOM structure of elements that no longer use intermediate layers and elements, which allows you to better adapt to the layout of the template.

31. For micro-markup of the rating of publications, the use of the fractional value of the parameter itemprop="ratingValue" has been added, now in this value, instead of an integer value, for example, 4, a more accurate value will be used, for example, 4.3. This will allow search engines to display a more accurate rating scale in the search results.

32. Changes have been made to the system for automatically deleting users if they have not visited the site at the time specified in the settings. If automatic user deletion is enabled in the site settings, users will be deleted from all groups, except for the administrators group. Previously, the deletion was only performed from the standard "Visitors" group, and other groups were not affected.

33. Improved synchronization of the post view counter cache data with the data displayed on the site, preventing uncontrolled accumulation of data in the table, on high-loaded and visited sites.

34. Improved the system of mass mailing of emails in the script control panel in the module "Sending messages". Redesigned the system for handling possible errors when sending emails. If your server did not respond correctly, or any errors or restrictions occurred, then all server responses will be processed correctly. The administrator will receive a detailed response from the server, and will also be given the opportunity to continue sending messages without reloading the page. There are no possible hangups of sending messages without explaining the reasons for mass mailing.

35. Redesigned and improved the site search system, if the search is conducted by keywords containing special characters. For example, quotation marks and other characters. The search, according to these words, is now more correct and relevant.

36. Optimized the display of some control panel elements on mobile devices. Fixed the detected shortcomings in the display of some elements of the control panel pages.

37. The DLE video player has been updated to the actual version, a number of optimizations and bug fixes have been made, and in the case of using videos with adaptive bitrate on the site, the size of the downloaded player code has been significantly reduced, which speeds up the loading of pages where this video is located.

38. Improved the formation of the Open Graph protocol's og:description meta tag when viewing full news. Now, when forming this tag, if there are text links in the text, without generating the code, they are also deleted and not used. For example, if the text contains a link https://site.ru, then it is deleted. This innovation allows you not to participate in the formation of the description of the link, which is simply published in the text additional and other fields. Which makes the description more correct and correct.

39. Improved the system for sending E-mail messages from the site, as well as prevented the possible emergency termination of sending letters if the mailing address of any recipient of the letter is incorrect.

40. Improved DataLife Engine automatic update system. If the automatic update failed due to an unexpected server error, the administrator will be shown full information about the error that the server returned, as well as the response that came from the server, and not just a notification that an error occurred. This information will help the site administrator to eliminate the causes of the problem.

41. Updated the PHPMailer library for sending emails from the site to the actual version.

42. Changes have been made to the system for displaying advertising materials assigned to display "between short news". Now they will always be displayed exactly between the short news, regardless of the number of news items on the page, and will never be displayed before or after the news.

43. Changes have been made to the system of working with template tags [if ..] [/if], in the event that if a shortened output of any information is used, then the search for the specified parameters in these tags will still be carried out by the full value. For example, when displaying abbreviated information on a site with the tag {short-story limit= "200"}, then using [if short_story~ "text"] ... [/if], the search will be performed on the entire short description, and not only on the first 200 characters.

44. Dropped support for PHP line 5. xx. Development and support for PHP 5 was dropped by PHP developers several years ago. We did not make any irreversible and unsupported code changes that would not work on the PHP 5 line, however, this line is no longer supported. DLE testing is not performed on it. The minimum required PHP version is 7.0 or higher.

45. Support for the extended authorization method in the DataLife Engine control panel has been dropped. This method was introduced in DLE version 5.3 and is inherently obsolete. He did not add any additional protection in the current conditions and realities relative to the usual method of protection implemented in the DLE of current versions, and used the same basic password for HTTP authorization. Users who still want to add additional protection to their admin panel can continue to use HTTP authorization, only for this you need to place your file separately .htpasswd and write a path to it in. htaccess. And thus make the authorization independent of the DLE and with an additional password of your own.

46. Fixed an issue where the autofill system did not work for additional fields that have the "cross-references" type, for words that contain some special characters, such as the ampersand character "&" and a number of others.

47. Fixed an issue where the autofill system for the tag cloud did not work if words were used that contained some special characters, such as the ampersand character "&" and a number of others.

48. Fixed an issue where some characters could be displayed incorrectly when quoting comments containing source code insertion tags using the BBCODES editor.

49. Fixed an issue where the "IP Utilities" section in the admin panel did not work correctly when using PHP line 8. xx

50. Fixed an issue where the display of advertising materials with the "between publications" option did not work when using PHP ruler 8. xx

51. Fixed an issue where some tags in the comments output template (comments.tpl) worked incorrectly.

52. Fixed an issue where the cache for RSS feeds from the site was not used and was not used.

53. Fixed an issue where category selection didn't work when using the DLE API in third-party modules on MySQL 8. xx

54. Fixed an issue where additional fields of the "cross-references" type were duplicated when mass removal from moderation of publications that were no longer under moderation, but were previously published.

55. Fixed an issue where the output of additional fields of publications did not work while enabling 3 types of NC and displaying full information from the user profile.

56. Fixed an issue where in the comments editing section in the admin panel, the search keyword was reset when navigating through the pages.

57. Fixed all previously detected and reported minor errors in the script.


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