Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the minimum requirements for the software installed on the server?

Answer: The list of the minimum requirements of the engine is published here:

Question: I installed the free trial version and I want to customize my website on it. Will I be able in the future to update the script to a paid version without losing my articles and the template?

Answer: Of course you can. This is possible. If you are upgrading to the version which is only one step higher than yours, you may only need to replace all the files in the folder /engine/ with the files of the distribution kit of the paid version. If the versions are more different, then you have to follow the standard upgrading procedures.

Question: I have purchased a license and activated it on my domain. Now there is a need to transfer the license to another domain. Is this possible? How can I do it?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. To do this you must first be sure to remove the script from the old domain. Then go to your client profile on and click on the link "Transfer license to another domain" next to your license.

Question: The term of the license is one year. Will I have the access to download distribution kits from your website at the expiration of the license?

Answer: No, you won‘t. We provide you with distribution kits only if your license is valid and active. In other words you can download distribution kits from our site only within one year from the date of purchase. After expiration of the license, the storage of distribution kits lies entirely on you. If you want to continue to receive distribution kits, you need to eextend the license.

Question: I have purchased a license but have not decided on which site to use it within a year. Can I activate my key on any domain when the license term is over?

Answer: Yes, you certainly can. You can activate your key whenever you want, regardless of time, and even when the license term is over. However, note that you need to download the distribution kit in advance during the license term, i.e. within one year from the date of purchase. Also, you should know that you can activate your key only on versions of the engine, which came before the expiration of your license, but not after it.

Вопрос: I have purchased a license for one year. How can I extend the license for a better price after its expiration?

Answer: License renewing price for one year is much lower than the original cost of the license. In order for you to extend your license, you need to log in to your profile on and go to the link "Extend License" near the needed license.

Question: Where can I read the documentation on installation and updating of the engine?

Answer: Description of the engine installation and updating is in the following files of your disrtribution kit: Documentation/install.html and Documentation/upgrade.html respectively. Complete background information for the engine, as well as for tags used in the template can be found in this file: Documentation/readme.chm.

Question: How does the activation of a script carry out?

Answer: To activate the script and lifting of all the restrictions, you must enter your license key in the Administration Panel of your website on ist main page, where the field for the key entry is located. It is on the main page of Aministration Panel: without any additional parameters in the browser. The license key has the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. After the key entry, the engine is automatically accesses for activation. If your server does not have Internet access and automatic activation can not be made, you will receive instructions on how to manually activate the script. You can activate the script without the remote connection of your server to our server if you follow it. The engine activation is possible only after clean installation of the engine and after ist update. All information about the activation will be stored locally on your server and the engine will not call to

Question: I downloaded the engine, but when I tried to run install.php, the only thing I saw was "Internal Server Error"

Answer: This problem is usually happens because mod_rewrite module is not supported on your server. Delete .htaccess file from the folder where the engine is located and run the engine installation file install.php. Disable User-Friendly URL support during the installation process.

Question: Engine was installed without any errors, but when i go to a full article I get an error that this page does not exist.

Answer: This problem is similar to that described above, and is due to the fact that your server does not support the module mod_rewrite. To solve it you need to go into the settings and disable User-Friendly URL support.

Question: I updated my script to the new version, and then made the restoration of a database backup from an older version. As a result, there is MySQL error on the website

Answer: You have committed a gross violation of the update recommendations.You must not restore the database from the old version to the new version of the engine, because the structure of the database is supplemented and changed after the update to support the new version. To solve this problem, you need to put the engine version of your restored database toengine/data/config.php and run the update, by typing in the browser.

Question: I updated my script to the new current version, and after logging on to the website, I’ve got MySQL errors.

Answer: Firstly, check whether you did what is described in the previous question. If you did, then follow the steps described above. Secondly, make sure that your template has no third-party modules, as they may be the reason of mistakes, becase they may be not compatible with new engine version. In this case you need to contact the developers of these modules to update them. And the last option is a violation of any clause of the updating instruction. For example, all files have not been updated from a new distribution kit, or new version of the engine has been installed and then the older version of the engine has been installed on it and the update has been performed. In this case, you need to completely reload all the engine files to the server, replacing the original files with them from the archive of the distribution kit.Then check and make sure that older version of the engine is recorded in engine/data/config.php. Then you need to re-run the update procedure by entering in the browser.

Question: I'm having problems on the website, the cause of which I do not understand. Are there some actions that I have to do in the first place?

Answer: Yes, there are such actions. As practice shows, many people forget about such things as the write permissions for the folder when they install or transfer their website. After the engine installation or transfering, you must make sure that the internal cache folders engine/cache/ and engine/cache/system are writable (CHMOD 777 is set). Also, these folders must be empty except for .htaccess in them. The script will automatically create there everything you need. You also must make sure that engine/data/ folder and all the files in it are writable except for .htaccess file (it must not be writable).

Question: My template does not work correctly after the update. What changes should I make?

Answer: A reference to the description of changes made to the distribution kit is published along with a link to download the distribution kit. Please note that the published changes are made since the last release, and if you are updating from older versions, you need to watch all the changes in each release separately.

Question: I am a legal user of the engine, and I paid for a license. I have questions but I can not find solutions for them. Can I contact the technical support of the engine?

Answer: Yes, of course you can, but on one condition. You must select Advanced License when you purchase the engine, which includes the engine support service. Please, do not get us wrong. If you want to save money and purchase Basic License, we consider this as you understand the script and do not need our support. For more information about the technical support and its services, please read the description of the engine technical support.

Dear users, we update the information in this section over time, and if you have read this document before, then in case of problems, do not forget to visit this section again. Maybe your question will be added.