Information on bying the script

Dear users,

we offer you two different license types for DataLife Engine:

  • Basic License. The cost of this license is: $59. When you purchase this license you get a script with open source code and you can get new versions of the engine for free within a year.

  • Advanced License. The cost of this license is: $79. When you purchase this license you get everything that is in the Basic License as well as the engine technical support service. You are also allowed to remove copyrights form the user part of the website (that is visible for the website visitors).
The license term is 1 year, during which you’ll be getting all the upcoming versions of the engine and ist updates. After expiration of the license, you can extend it or use the engine version that is recent at the moment free for life. If you want to extend the license to keep getting new versions of the script, then the price of the license extending is $39.

Access to the licensed version of the script will be granted automatically after receiving the receipt. The cost of the engine is expressed in dollars. If you choose the payment system that supports another currency, you can also continue to pay. In this case, the payment amount will be automatically converted to the required amount at the rate of the selected payment gateway.

To purchase a new license for the engine or to purchase additional license for another domain, click on the "Purchase Script." If you want to extend an existing license, visit your profile on the website and click on the link near your license key.