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Top news

Displaying of this section can be configured in topnews.tpl. Templates that are used to display top news can be configured in this section.


You can use the following tags:


{title} - Article title.


{title limit="x"} - Article title limited by X number of symbols.


{link} - Link to the article.


{date} - Publication date. The date format can be configured in system settings.


{date=date format} - Displays the date in the specified format. It allows you to display both the full date and its separate parts. The date format is set in accordance with the PHP format. For example, {date=d} tag displays the day of the article or comment publication, and {date=F} tag displays the name of the month. {date=d-m-Y H:i} displays the full date and time.


{image-x} - Displays the URL of images that are in the article annotation, where x is the number of picture in the article. For example, {image-1} will display URL of the first image in the article annotation.


[image-x] text [/image-x] - Displays the enclosed text only if there is an image number X in the article.


{text} - Displays the article annotation.


{text limit="x"} - Displays the article annotation text without HTML formatting limited by X number of symbols. Text is limited to the last logical word and is not limited in the middle of the word. It gives you more flexibility to design popular news on the website.


{category} - Article category.


{link-category} - Link to the list of categories where the article belongs to.


[xfvalue_x] - Displays the value of extra field "x", where "x" is the name of extra field.


[xfgiven_x] [xfvalue_x] [/xfgiven_x] - Displays extra field "x" if this field is not empty. If it has no value, then this text is removed.


[xfnotgiven_X] text [/xfnotgiven_X] - Displays the enclosed text if user's extra field has not been set, where X is the name of user profile extra field.