Smartphones support

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Smartphones support

Datalife Engine allows you to automatically determine the device that is used by user to access to your website. And if a user uses mobile device, then DataLife Engine is able to recognize it and prepare the special lightweight version of your website, with minimal graphics and traffic used.


To enable this feature you need to go to Administration Panel and enable this: Enable automatic support for smartphones. Also, you can enable or disable displaying images in articles there. You can manually enable mobile version of the website. Use the following link for that:


Template folder named smartphone must be in your /templates/ folder. This templates are used to display the website if the mobile device is used to access to it. You can use the same features in this template, as in normal template. All tags and features are identical to the normal template but we recommend to use the very minimum of it. And do not forget about the size of a mobile phone screen. In the archive of the distribution kit we have prepared one standard template with the minimum of information and size. We recommend to be based on our template when you make your own.